Two wounded cut-throats find themselves stranded alone in the bleak Scottish wilderness. With dark clouds bearing in and their wounds slowly bleeding out, they must chose whether to help each other or face almost certain death.


Johnny Johnstone, a roguish clan warrior, seeks shelter after receiving an injury in battle. He finds a spot to take refuge but as he approaches he sees that another man lays there already. Unable to gauge who this man is he approaches cautiously, dagger drawn. Just as his hand brushes the fibres of the man’s coat, in a flash he finds himself held up at knife point. Although he is no stranger to scrapes, will Johnny be able to talk his way out of this one and if so, can this deadly stranger be trusted?

Cast & Crew

Johnny - Bobby Bulloch

James - Jack Steel

Writer, Producer & Director - Glen Shepherd

Director of Photography - Gabriel de Bruin

Costume Design, Hair & Make-up - Casey Dixon

Music & Sound Design - Alberto Sueri, Johnny Moutzouris

Editor & Colourist - Glen Shepherd

VFX - Pamela Gray

Production Management - Michael Shepherd

Camera Assistant - Edward Kondracki

Sound Recordist - Fraser Shepherd

Props - Derek Stewart, Thomas Kerr